Performance Dogs
MACH.Lyndobe's Going To A Pogo, Am./U-CD, MXB, MJS, MXF,
CGC, TDI,OA(achieved in one weekend),OJC,OGC,TN-O, WV-N,
TG-N, EAC, C-ATCH(1st Dobe to earn title), MAD, EAC, GCh,
SCh/RCh Bronze(1st & only Dobe to earn title),JCh-Siver(1st & only
Dobe to earn title).  In Doberman Agility Top 20 in 2007!              
Pogo and Bonnie Cole have DONE IT ALL!!!  
U-OCH,Am./Can.OTCH.Lyndobe's Midnight Lace, UDX, CGC
Lace was either #1 or #2 in the Doberman Obedience Top 20 from 1994-2000;
she won the Top 20 event at the Nationals in 1995; she broke all the Doberman
acquired points records to date; has been in the Top 10
All-Breed four of those
years; and is now the first in the Working Group to become a triple OTCH
(Obedience Trial Champion) in AKC, Canada and United Kennel Club.   Don
Richardson, who did a terrific job with Lace, got a second Dobe from LYNDOBE,
Lyndobe's Kansas Tornado, CDX, CGC who was, also, in the Doberman
Obedience Top 20!
Multi HIT,U-CDX,U-AG1,Lyndobe's Rock My World,
Am./Can.CDX,Am.UD,TDI,NA,NAJ,OA, OAJ, Dog World Award
Winner twice!  2001 DPCA Obedience Top 20 Finalist.  Rock
owned by Dena Moore.
Lyndobe's Silent Mystery Man,CGC, TDI,
OAP,RN,RA. "Drew" was in the Dobe
Agility Top 20 in 2002.  Owned by Lisa
U-GRCH.Lyndobe's My Way Yogimon, CGC,
is owned by Terry Jones.
Lyndobe's Winter Rose, CDX, CGC
Rose was in the Doberman Obedience
Top 20 in 2001 and 2002!  Owned by
Heather Armbruster.
U-AG1,Lyndobe's I'm Smokin',U-CD,NA,NAJ,
OA,OAJ,AX,EAC,EJC,EGC,AD,CJC.  "Smoke" was in the
Doberman Top 20 Agility in 1999 & 2000!  Smoke owned
by Laura Spears.
Lyndobe's Acorn, NA,NAJ,OA,OAJ,AX,
NAP,NAJP,OAP,OAJP,AXJP.  "Acorn" was owned by
Camille & Don Ward.
Lyndobe's Catch A Dream, Am./Can./ASCA/U-CD,Am.CDX,
FD,FDX,FDCH,FM(5000 points).  "Dreamer" was owned by
Kathy Duguid.
Lyndobe's Dodgin' The Moon,
Owned by Kathy Duguid.
ARCHX,Lyndobe's Logan V Firedrake,
RN,RL-1,2, CGC,
"Logan" is owned by Carolyn Mouton.
Can./U-CH.Lyndobe's Wizard Of Ahhhs,
NA,NAJ,FD Onyx,ROMC.  "Wiz" owned by
Marilyn Mannino.
URO1,U-AG2,U-CH.Lyndobe's Four-Leaf Clover,
OA,AXJ,APDT-RL1,CW-Ob2,CW-ZR1.   "Clover" is
owned by Pat Solomon.
U-CH.Lyndobe's Texas Tootsie, CD, TT,
WAC, CGC, TDI.  "Tootsie" is the dam of
Charm and Mountain Jack.  Tootsie is
owned by Terri Goldstrom.
U-GRCH.Lyndobe's Dynamite V Parklane,
NA,NAJ,CGC,OA,OAJ,CL1-S,H,F. "Dyna" is
owned by Patty Parker.
,Lyndobe's Head Of The Class,
WAC,Multi-BIMB-Altered, NW1, "Heady" is owned
by Silke Satzinger.
Lyndobe's Dark Angel Lynmar, Am./U-CD,
Am./U-CDX, CGC, RN,TDI, UD(in 4 shows),
UDX,UDX1,2 & 3,OM2. Top 20 Obed. 2008-2011!
"Brita" is owned/shown by Carol Sorg.
Lyndobe's Millenium Star, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ,
AX, AXJ.  "Millie" owned by Marilyn Runde.
U-CH.Lyndobe's Beelzebub,CD,CDX,TT,
WAC,CGC,TDI,LC-12. "Bud" ownded by
Diane Dombrosky & Lynne Coleman.
Top Sire of Performance Dobes in 2003 & '04!
U-CH.Lyndobe's Penny Pinscher, CD,
CGC,WAC,TT. "Penny" is shown
going Specialty High In Trial at 12
months old w/owner Lynne Coleman.
Lyndobe's Turn It On Tori, NA, NAJ, OAJ, AXJ,
Tori is loved/trained & owned by Lynn Danaher.
Lyndobe's Outlaw Justice,CD,CGC,WAC.
"Shooter" shown winning his class to finish
his CD with owner Lynn Thomas.
Lyndobe's Emmanuel, CD,CDX,UD,
CGC,TDI.  Currently in the Doberman
Top 20 for Obedience in 2008-'10!
Owned/shown by Heather Armbruster.