Uno's First Major 12 Months and 10 days
Uno's First Major 12 Months and 10 days
Uno as Adult, 2.5 yrs. best
Uno as Adult, 2.5 yrs. best
Meet Uno

GCH.Lyndobe’s All-In-One, WAC, BFL-1, “Uno”

Health Status:

  • vWD Clear
  • OFA Excellent, Elbows Normal
  • Thyroid Normal
  • Full and Proper Dentition
  • Black, Type #3 (Blacks & Reds only)
  • DCM DNA #1 – Negative
  • DCM DNA #2 – Heterozygous
  • Ding Negative


  • Produced 13 Champions/3 GCH.’s to date
  • 2 Top 20 Obedience/1 Top 20 Obed. winner
  • 1 Top 20 Conformation

Personality Traits and Temperament:

Uno, the remarkable Doberman stud dog, embodies the epitome of an ideal temperament with his unwavering loyalty, unmatched confidence, and an innate sense of protectiveness, ensuring a harmonious bond with his human companions and establishing himself as a reliable guardian.

Training and Skills:

Uno’s exceptional intelligence, coupled with his unwavering drive to excel, enables him to effortlessly master advanced obedience commands, agility trials, and various challenging disciplines, guaranteeing that his offspring inherit his remarkable trainability and prowess in performance.

Physical Attributes:

With a commanding presence, Uno captivates onlookers with his sleek and muscular physique, exuding an aura of strength, grace, and athleticism, showcasing the Doberman breed’s visual appeal and powerful representation within your esteemed program.

Uno's Pedigree